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Welcome to all of you who direct or are interested in directing for the stage.

I’ve written this with the community theatre director in mind. However, if you’re a director from any sector who runs out of time while rehearsing a production, you are in the right place.

Many beginning directors in community theatre find their creative time with the cast eaten away by administrative and technical decisions. Often the director feels the final production is flawed by lack of rehearsal.

Is this you near opening night?

You knew the date for opening night. You constructed the rehearsal schedule. You knew all other schedules ahead of time. So what happened?

You encounter different categories of time when you direct a play. This site details how to:
  • Recognize them
  • Identify the activities that take place during each
  • Manage them

As a result you’ll have plenty of quality rehearsal time with your cast.

On opening night the only thing left for you to do will be wish everyone 'good show,' perhaps pass out programs, and flinch at every imagined mistake.

Every community theatre has unique circumstances regarding auditions, rehearsals, and production week. For the best results, tailor the information on the site to your particular needs as a director.

  • Share the information with others who have the same interest.
  • Leave comments, suggestions, and your personal directing war stories in the Green Room.
  • Post book titles and links about directing or other theatrical subjects in the Library.

Click Introduction for more information on:
  • Organization of the site
  • Terms and conventions I use on the site
  • Directing skills and time management
  • Categories of time

Not sure how to find information? Lost your way? Click Tips for Navigating the Site. Click Site Map to find an area of interest or browse in any manner you like.

Thanks to my teachers and those who support my love of directing.

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