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Guide organization

Most pages on the site are locked. That means you can read them but not edit the information.

You can add and edit content on these pages:
  • Library – contains book titles and links to theatre-related resources online
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The three stages of directing are:
  1. Stage 1 – Preparation
  2. Stage 2 – Rehearsal
  3. Stage 3 – Production Week

Any other theatrical terms used on the site are listed in the Glossary.


I give examples throughout the guide of different documents a director needs to create. All of these refer to an original comic full-length Canadian play called A Funny Script©. I use the Canadian spelling for words.

Directing skills and time management

Directing skills include:
  • Analyzing the script for elements such as theme and meaning.
  • Guiding actors to collectively create characters and performances.
  • Collaborating with designers to discover visual and spatial expression to serve and enhance the production.

As you develop these, you free your imagination and inspire others to do the same. If you don't manage your time to showcase these skills, they will go to waste.


If you don’t prepare – you don’t rehearse enough.

Why? Because you have to decide what to do...

Categories of time

I categorize time in the guide. The following table lists the category, when or during what stage(s) it takes place, and what happens in that time.

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