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Directing Books

A list I’ve discovered while trolling online, I’m working my way slowly through it.

Before I spend any money, I first try to find the book in a library and read it.

So You Want to Be a Theatre Director?
Stephen Unwin

Theatre Craft
John Caird

Kazan on Directing
Elia Kazan

Creating Life on Stage: A Director's Approach to Working on Stage
Marshall W. Mason

Fundamentals of Play Directing
5th Edition
Lawrence Carra & Alexander Dean

Stanislavsky and Directing: Theory, Practice and Influence
Anna Migliarisi

Directors/Directing: Conversations on Theatre
Christopher Innes & Maria Shevtsova

The Director's Craft
Katie Mitchell

Changing Direction: A Practical Approach to Directing Actors in Film and Theatre
Lenore DeKoven

Fifty Key Theatre Directors
Shomit Mitter & Maria Shevtsova

Script Analysis for Actors, Directors, and Designers
Third Edition
James Thomas

Directing Amateur Theatre
Helen E. Sharman

Notes on Directing
Frank Hauser & Russell Reich

Tips: Ideas for Directors
Jon Jory

Between Director and Actor Strategies for Effective Performance
Mandy Rees & John Staniunas

Staging Musical Theatre: A Complete Guide for Directors, Choreographers & Producers
by Elaine A. Novak & Deborah Novak