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Your job

This is your first major foray into keeping administrative time and creative time separate.

Pre-audition Checklist:
  • Actor Info sheet – the actor fills this out with contact and availability information. Often the theatre company will have these on file.
  • Audition material – called sides, these are the pages from the script the actors will read in the audition.
  • Character Profile – short descriptions of each character for the actors to read.
  • Rehearsal, procedural, and performance information – details of the time commitment for rehearsal and performances. How does the theatre notify people about callbacks and the casting results? Sometimes displayed on a whiteboard or as a poster.

Your job is to watch the actors. You must have other people:
  • Hand out Actor Info sheets and Character Profiles as needed.
  • Hand out sides.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Answer general questions about the:
    • Play
    • Rehearsal process
    • Callbacks
    • Notification process
    • Washroom locations and more


You must only be concerned with the actor. Enjoy.


You need to cast the play. It’s part of the job. You’d love to spend hours trying different scenes and combinations of people. That time doesn’t exist. To give you the best chance at finding the actors you want, you must decide specifically what you are looking for in the callback. Make a list of the questions you want the callbacks to answer. This list depends entirely on the needs of your show.

Call people back in groups and give them the sides ahead of time. You will see the most number of people in the shortest period and maximize the creative time you spend with them.

Notifying the cast

You already know when the group’s notifying everyone. Be sure you deliver the casting information to the appropriate people to ensure that they honour the notification deadline. Some theatre groups call everyone who auditioned in the hopes of recruiting people for other duties if they haven’t been cast in the play. That takes time to put together.

If the group asks you for suggestions, advise them to post the list. Formats like instant messaging, text, and email as well as social media groups make it an efficient and quick way to notify everyone.

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