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The audition notice

Once you provide the details, a producer will distribute the audition notice. When you supply precise information about time commitments such as rehearsals and performances, there are two immediate outcomes. One is you demonstrate your respect for people’s time. The second is you streamline the number of people who will audition. Look at the following example:

It gives enough detail for people to make an informed decision about attending. It shows that you value their time right from the beginning.

Additional information will depend on the kind of audition you are holding. Needs like accents or special skills should be listed. Make sure that there are no surprises for the actors during the audition, list everything important on the audition notice.

It isn’t your job to advertise the auditions for the theatre group but your information is essential for an effective notice.

Audition webpage

Online is where you provide as much detail as you wish. Such as:
  • A synopsis of the play
  • Character descriptions
  • A complete copy of the play for people to read
  • Audition sides
  • Parking and directions to the auditions
  • Rehearsal and performance times

If you have auditions where people need to register for specific times, you can do this here.

If there are copyright concerns and you're unable to display the whole script in a non-downloadable or read-only format, find some other way to make copies of the script available. Don't depend on the local library because as soon as word gets out about the play, those few copies will be gone.

Most people really want to read the whole play through before coming out to audition. The more copies available, the more people feel confident, the better the turnout at auditions, and the more time you save.

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