Events and activities | Sequence of events
I mentioned before that you have two primary purposes during this time; to craft the vision with the designers and to allow the stage manager to render that vision. Two jobs with two different goals – be sure to do them at separate times. You will get more done in the short time you have.

Events and activities

Different events happen during production week. The table below lists the events and the activities associated with each. As director it’s not your job to know the best way to schedule activities in the load in and set up. That task falls to other people on the team.
*Calculation for how long to spend on each cue
Time allotted for rehearsal divided by the number of cues. Adjust for the complexity of the cue.
The beginning of the show and all transitions back to houselights usually have the most number of cues.

Sequence of events

Somewhere in there is a photo shoot if time allows. You should try to get shots of action or emotional depth for your portfolio.

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