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An overview of the site


Guide navigation and organization
Terms I use in the guide
Conventions I use in the guide
Directing skills and time management
Categories of time
The Community Theatre Director
People pay to work with you
You are the leader

Stages of Directing

Stage 1 – Preparation
Stage 2 - Rehearsal
Stage 3 - Production Week

Preparation - The job

Who does what
Initial questions
You and the stage manager

Preparation - Rehearsal time calculations

The one-minute rule

Preparation - The rehearsal plan

Creating the plan
Rehearsal plan surprise check

Preparation - The rehearsal script

The published script squeeze
Why you type out the rehearsal script
A good rehearsal script
It saves time

Preparation - The unit breakdown

Creating the unit breakdown

Preparation - Audition planning

Choosing the dates
Kinds of auditions

Preparation - Audition publicity

The audition notice
Audition webpage

Preparation - At the audition

Your job
Notifying the cast

Rehearsal - Beginnings

The first rehearsal
The curtain call

Rehearsal - Day to day

Simple steps save time
Near production week
Pre-production week reminder

Production week - Beginnings

Good food saves time

Production week - Events

Events and activities
Sequence of events

Production week - Notes and saving time

The note process
Time wasters
Time savers
Added benefits

Sample opening transition

Transition from crowd to audience
Making the opening transition

Tips for navigating the site

Topic list
Navigation pane and search wiki window
Site map


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