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When I wrote this I made some assumptions about you and the community theatre group. As director you support the group's responsibilities to its members.

People pay to work with you

People who have probably spent forty plus hours working at another job will surround you. They pay you with their time. Respect them by managing it well.

Loves_Creating.pngBecause they’re working for free there has to be some personal gain for them in the process. Having fun while feeling valued and important is a great trade for their time. For people to feel part of something imaginative is truly unique. This may be their only creative outlet.

You are the leader

The director is the leader and people will look to you for leadership. How you treat the people directly around you will be a model for how each of them treats the people around them. What you do will speak much louder than what you say. If you are late, others will be, if you are disorganized, others will be.

Treat people well and they will go through fire for you. Being organized allows you to show the first level of respect; respect for their time. If you waste their time, they won't do their best work. Value their time and you will get that value returned tenfold.

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